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    Subcooler RA-10

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    Subcooler RA-10, low model 230V. Aftercoolers ensure dry compressed air and thus prevents  clogging in the blasting kettle for an even and continuous stream of blasting agent. Dry compressed air also means significantly fewer faults, maintenance and repair of equipment. The only way to remove moisture from the compressed air is to cool it down first! An aftercooler cools the compressed air to about 9 ° C above the ambient temperature. This drop in temperature causes the water to condense and form drops. These drops are then removed by the centrifugal separator that is part of the aftercooler. Oil and other contaminants can be removed in a second stage with compressed air filters.

    The RA-10 compressed air aftercooler has a nominal capacity of 1.0m³ / min.

    (The nominal capacity is based on the following conditions: compressed air inlet temperature: 100 ° C, ambient temperature: 25 ° C, Delta T: 10 ° C, compressed air pressure: 7 bar.) Supplied on low legs and with claw couplings.